Reducing Noise Intrusions By Upgrading Your Windows

21 February 2023
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Noise pollution can be a distracting problem in your home. Upgrading the windows is one way of reducing noise pollution. New windows can include several options and design features to mitigate unwanted noses entering a home. Together, these features reduce the external noise entering through the window glass and frames to create a much quieter interior.

Double-Pane Windows Provide Better Noise Reductions

The style of window you choose for your home can directly impact the noise entering the house. For example, double-pane windows offer significantly better noise reduction than single-pane options. This better performance results from the multiple layers of glass. Some of these windows may also have insulating gas between these panes, which can further reduce the noise that passes through. These benefits make double-pane windows ideal for people living in noisy areas.

Storm Windows Can Further Reduce Noise Intrusions Into The Home

Adding storm windows to a home can reduce the risk of it being damaged during bad weather. However, storm windows also reduce noise intrusions into the house. Storm windows' additional insulation can make it much harder for noises to pass through. Furthermore, these windows often utilize multiple layers of glass that can reflect and absorb sound waves. The result of these features is an impressive ability to block noise pollution. One benefit of adding storm windows is that they do not require major structural work to a home and are compatible with all standard windows.

The Insulation In The Window Frame Can Impact Noise Reduction

The window frame's insulation will profoundly impact its noise rating. The ability of sound to pass through materials makes insulation essential as it can absorb these soundwaves before they reach the home's interior. Upgrading the window frame will eliminate the option of using window inserts, but it can provide significantly better results for a homeowner who prioritizes noise reduction. Replacing the window frames can improve efficiency, which may help offset the cost of this home improvement.

Windows Made Of Sound Dampening Materials Can Be Extremely Effective

The materials used to make the frame can also impact the noise rating of replacement windows. Some materials will be far more effective at blocking sounds. These materials will typically be very dense, which can allow them to absorb more of the noise. In particular, thick wood and metal window frames often provide better noise-suppressing results than vinyl options. In addition to offering better noise control qualities, these denser materials may also be more durable. This enhanced durability can allow these replacement windows to last for years. 

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