What Can Cause Problems With Your Home's Siding?

18 November 2022
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One of the most crucial components of a home is its siding. The siding protects the raw materials of the exterior of the home, so you want to ensure it remains in good shape. The lifespan of a home's siding should be quite long. However, it the life span will diminish when certain factors are in play. The following are some of the issues that can cause problems for your siding.

Bugs, Birds, and Pests

If your siding is made from wood, it is vulnerable to bugs and other creatures. Birds may be inclined to peck at the siding. Certain bugs may try to infiltrate the wood to create a nest or even eat. Termites also can attack wooden siding. To keep this from happening, you can use some insecticide on the siding to keep the bugs away. There are also some eco-friendly products you may want to try. If you have trees growing next to your home, consider trimming them back so birds are not as excited about pecking at your home.

Water and Moisture

The point of putting siding on a house is to protect the wooden frame and structure from water and moisture. Unfortunately, moisture can sometimes infiltrate the siding if the panels are cracked and worn. If the siding takes on moisture, it will start to warp and buckle.

Poor Installation

Unfortunately, you may begin to notice problems with the quality of your siding if it was not installed properly. Improper installation can significantly reduce the overall lifespan. Make sure you thoroughly research the siding contractor before you hire them to ensure they have a good reputation.

Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions can also wreak havoc on a home's siding. Hail is one of the biggest weather issues that can cause siding damage. High winds also can rip the siding off of a home. Major winter weather and freezing rain can also cause damage as the frozen water can cause the panels to become brittle and break. Inspect your siding after each major weather event and call your contractor right away if you notice any damage.

Sunlight Damage

The sun can also decrease the lifespan of siding. Most siding manufacturers place a protective coating on the siding to prevent fading and sun damage. However, the sun can still cause damage over time and result in discoloration. This not only makes the siding unattractive; it also can weaken the panels and cause them to become damaged.  

Reach out to a siding installation contractor to learn more about how to protect your home's siding.