4 Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Shower Doors

18 November 2022
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Homeowners who need to select shower doors should keep a few things in mind. Their selection should be viewed as an investment, which means that an upgrade should not be expected for years. Selecting shower doors that complement other elements of a bathroom will ensure that the overall appearance is cohesive. The following points are things to keep in mind when choosing shower doors


There are different types of glass shower doors. They are frameless, semi-frameless, or framed. The type of glass selected will affect the cost of the project. Homeowners should take into consideration their budget because they will need to purchase the doors and pay for installation costs. Establishing a budget in advance will allow contractors to help find doors that are in the price range for the project.

Space and Installation Area

Most bathrooms can accommodate a shower enclosure. Some individuals assume that their bathrooms are too small. However, these showers can be installed in the corners of smaller bathrooms. Larger bathrooms have flexible options for installation. If the project is to replace an older walk-in shower. The new installation can be in the same location. It may be possible to leave the existing shower in place and opt to only replace the shower doors. An installer can determine if this is possible.

Door Style

Some bathrooms are not a good fit for certain door styles. The styles are hinged, sliding, folding, or swinging. Each style has its own pros and cons, which an installer can discuss. Bathrooms with adequate space have more flexibility with the door design. Smaller bathrooms have limited options. Another concern for the door style is whether to get frameless, semi-frameless, or framed shower doors. 

Glass Selection

The primary concern with shower doors is safety. There are two safe options for shower door glass. They are tempered or laminated. Tempered glass when shattered breaks into small round pieces rather than shards. The pieces are not sharp, which is why it is considered a safety glass option. When laminated glass shatters, the pieces stay stuck together due to the way the glass is manufactured. There are also other features that homeowners may want. Some individuals prefer to add decorative features to their glass. There are a variety of options such as frosted, semi-opaque, textured, or tinted glass.  

An enclosed shower installer is a good resource to use for more tips on choosing shower doors. They can help homeowners compare doors and explain the differences in glass and design.