Benefits Of Installing Exterior Window Shutters

26 April 2022
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Windows shutters are a great choice if you want to improve the visual appearance of your home. They add character and style to your property. Here are the key benefits of installing exterior window shutters.

Light Control

Ordinary windows do not control the amount of light that gets into your room. Instead, they allow the entry of sunlight when open and block light completely when closed. However, you can easily regulate the amount of light you want in your home with window shutters. For example, you can choose to open them partially or fully, depending on the amount of light you want. Also, when you want a dark atmosphere, closing the shutters will block out light.

Added Protection Against Outside Elements

Extreme weather conditions such as storms can hurl flying debris toward your windows. While windows offer protection, they are vulnerable since they are usually made of glass. Luckily, installing window shutters adds a protective layer against such elements. So if you anticipate a storm, or extreme winds, closing your window shutters will save your windows from damage and keep you safe.

Curb Appeal

Traditional windows do not contribute much to the visual appearance of your property. However, installing decorative window shutters increases the appearance of your home. Window shutters are available in different colors, materials, and designs, offering a wide variety. Batten and solid board shutters provide a traditional look and are the most preferred designs. Choose a window shutter design and color that matches your property's exterior design for the best results.

Enhanced Privacy

At times, blinds and curtains are not enough to protect you from prying eyes. Shutters are made of materials like fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and vinyl, thus providing enhanced privacy. If you choose to install functional louvered shutters, tilting the slat down will provide privacy. However, panel shutters require you to close them up for privacy.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Installing window shutters can help cut your power consumption levels. On a hot day, opening your window shutters allows for a cool breeze, and there is no need to turn on your air conditioner. Similarly, you can preserve heated air on cold days by closing your windows and shutters to reduce heating expenses.

Added Ventilation

Window shutters provide a quick way to release hot air and improve your home's circulation. If your home feels a bit hot or stuffy, opening window shutters will provide space for the hot air to escape. Therefore, if you need extra ventilation in your home, window shutters are a perfect solution.

Shutters are a great option to help improve the appearance of your home and help you save on energy. They also provide added ventilation and offer protection against foreign elements.