Trendy Types Of Glass That Your Entry Doorway Can Feature

15 December 2021
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Your front entry door leaves a first impression on your visitors and ensures your home's security. Therefore, you need to choose a door material that offers durability, easy maintenance, and high aesthetic value. One such excellent material is glass. However, there are various types of glass that you can choose from, each with its unique characteristics. Here are a few trendy types of glass you can choose for your entryway doorway.

Tinted glass

Manufacturers use specific metal dioxide materials during the manufacturing process of tinted glass. The glass is available in various colors, including brown and green. Ideally, tinted glass controls the amount of light penetrating your home. This helps reduce excessive glare.

Additionally, the tinted glass protects your home against harmful UV rays. For instance, UV rays can cause the fading of your furniture and window upholstery. Besides, tinted glass reflects excess heat away from your home, saving on cooling costs. These benefits make tinted glass an excellent option for entryway doors.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass prevents heat from escaping your home during cold seasons. This helps keep your home warm while also saving on heating expenses. Generally, manufacturers create insulated glass by sealing two or more layers of glass and inserting dry air in between the layers.

The higher the number of glass layers, the better the insulation properties of the glass. For instance, you may install double or triple insulated glass on your home entry door, depending on your insulation needs. However, understand that highly insulated glass may cost more than other glass types.

Toughened Glass

Your door glass may break easily upon impact by hard objects or when you bang the door. Fortunately, toughened glass is stronger and has a longer lifespan than regular glass. Additionally, hardened glass shatters into small cubes rather than big pieces. This makes the glass easy to repair.

Stained Glass

Stained glass consists of glass pieces of different colors and sizes combined with lead. Manufacturers use copper foil to secure the glass and lead. Generally, stained glass works well with wood to achieve a vintage look for your home entry doorway.

Textured Glass

Textured glass gives your front entry doorway a unique and stylish look while maintaining privacy. You can access various designs, including frosted, glazed, ripple, and water glass. These glass designs are translucent and transmit light. Nonetheless, the glass ensures privacy by providing a blurry view.

A few common types of glass to use on your entry doorway include stained, textured, toughened, insulated, and tinted glass. Consider these glass types for an attractive and functional entry door. For more information about different entry doorways, contact a local service.