The Homeowner’s Guide to Blinds and Custom Solutions for Window Treatments

13 October 2021
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If you're like many homeowners, the chances are good that you're confused by all of the different window blinds and treatments available on the market. Today's custom blinds are available in an array of slats, colors, and sizes. Each type of window treatment is specifically designed to meet a particular need in a particular space. The following custom window blind information are for your consideration about the installation of custom window blinds:

Types of Window Blinds

When you are considering window treatments for your home, you have several options. The variations of custom window blinds that you might want to choose from for your home include Venetian, Roman, vertical and colonial-style blinds. Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds that have slats, which is why you might think about when thinking about typical blinds. Roman shades are a type of fabric that is horizontal, but the window treatment opens vertically. There are also vertical blinds, which can be a great option for openings like screen doors.

Choosing Window Treatments for Each Room

The interior design in your home is different for each room, and your window treatments should be too. One of the great things about installing custom blinds is that they give you options for choosing a different look for each room in your home. This can help you decide on window treatments that work best for your home's interior design. When choosing window blinds for each room, think about the color and appearance of the blinds. Some areas can benefit from blinds that have wider slats, while in smaller rooms, you might want to use a window blind with slightly narrower slats.

Options for Window Blind Controls

When installing window blinds, it is also important to consider how you are going to control them. These can be traditional cord-operated blinds, or they can have more modern mechanical systems to control their operation. You can even have your blinds installed with mobile smart controls that allow you to program the operation of your window blinds from a mobile device.

Customizing Your New Window Treatments

It is important to consider options to customize your window treatments. To begin, you can choose the type of materials your blinds are made out of. There are wood, vinyl, and even materials that are covered with special custom fabrics. In addition to the type of materials, you can also choose options like the widths of the slats and finish features to hide the hardware of the new window treatments.

The right custom window treatments will help complete your home's interior design. Contact a custom window blind installer to start choosing the treatments for the openings in your home.