FAQs About Window Tinting For Homes

3 June 2021
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If you don't have window tint on the windows of your home right now, then you are doing yourself and everyone in your home an injustice without even knowing it. Once you learn some of the things that tint helps with and does, you will likely find yourself wishing you knew about it sooner. If you know very little to nothing about window tint, then you'll have some questions about it. Here are answers to some questions homeowners are often asking about residential window tinting services

Does the tint last a long time?

When you put tint on your home's windows, you can do so knowing that it is designed to last for a while before it starts showing signs of needing to be replaced. This gives you years of enjoying all the good things it brings you and your household. 

Can tint help protect the windows through bad storms?

Window tint is used more to cut out bright sunlight and make the home more energy-efficient, so they aren't designed with the intention of protecting the windows from damage in storms. However, they do offer some help. The tint will significantly reduce the chances of small glass shards breaking off and flying into the home, possibly injuring someone as well as causing damage. 

Can tint protect your belongings?

Tint can prevent certain damages from happening due to sun exposure. Some of those damages include sun fading, which can happen to everything from the wallpaper and flooring to the furniture to certain materials getting brittle.  

Can tint offer you savings?

There are a number of ways tint can save you money. Some of these include: 

  • Preventing the need for prematurely needing to replace furnishings
  • Preventing the need for early re-wallpapering 
  • Preventing the need for early flooring replacement
  • Preventing the need for early replacement of curtains
  • Preventing higher electric bills due to heating and cooling expenses 
  • Preventing the need for early HVAC repairs and/or replacement due to over-working it

Will tint affect your plants?

You may worry that your plants won't get enough sunlight once you have the windows tinted. However, it may take a few days or so for the plants to adjust, but they will adjust. One thing you won't have to worry about is some of the leaves on your plants ending up being burnt, which can happen when the windows aren't tinted and you set the plants too close.