Replacement Options For An Old, Leaky Picture Window

6 May 2021
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Do you have an old, leaky picture window in your home? You probably shiver every time you walk by it in the winter, and if you're like many homeowners in your situation, you've sworn you'll never have a picture window again. Indeed, you could have a window replacement company come to remove the old picture window, make some changes to the wall, and install a smaller hung or casement window instead. But it may not be necessary to go this far. Today's replacement windows are so much better than those made even 20 years ago. Here are some additional options to consider and discuss with your window replacement contractor as you go about having your old, leaky picture window replaced.

Triple-Pane Glass

Depending on how old it is, your current picture window may be single-pane glass. Single-pane windows are really poor insulators. A lot of heat is lost directly through the glass, and if the seal between the glass and the frame fails in even one spot, you get big leaks. If your picture window is a bit newer, it may have double-pane glass. In other words, it has two panes of glass, and the layer of air between them acts as an insulator. But still, all it takes is one spot of failed seal, and that insulating layer of air is compromised.

If you replace your old picture window with a triple-pane glass one, you'll find that your space is more comfortable. You now have two layers of air acting as insulation. And if, as your window ages, one seal does start to fail, there will still be another layer of glass and air between you and the outdoors.

Composite Frames

Another good idea is to look for a picture window with a composite frame, rather than a vinyl or wood one. Composite does not expand and contract with temperature changes in the same way wood does, and it does not get brittle like vinyl. So, a picture window with a composite frame is much less likely to fail and start leaking than one made from these other materials.

Composite can be made to look like real wood, so you won't be sacrificing your home's good looks with this option. It's also a better insulator than most other window materials.

You can certainly get rid of your old, leaky picture window. But if you would rather maintain the view, you can instead replace it with a modern picture window made with triple-pane glass and composite.