4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Double Hung Windows For Your Replacement Project

19 July 2019
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If you are considering replacing the windows in your home, you may be considering different window styles. These include casements, sliders, picture frames, and double hung windows. For the standard openings, double-hung windows are going to be the right choice for your home. The following reasons to use double-hung windows will make your mind up about the type of windows you want to install in your home:

1. Double-Hung Windows Will Fit Most Standard Opening Sizes to Update Your Home

Double-hung windows are one of the best solutions for replacement windows because they come in a variety of sizes. Your double-hung windows replacement will fit most of the standard openings in your home. If there are non-standard openings, then talk to the window service about ordering custom windows or other solutions to make them match the rest of the new windows in your home.

2. Using Double-Hung Replacement Windows Will Make It Easier to Fit New Windows in Openings

Double-hung replacement windows are also going to be easier to install inside existing window casings. This is because sometimes, old openings may be slightly out of square or level. Try to adjust the openings to get them as close to square as possible. If there is a problem fitting the new window, remove the top and bottom sashes, and then, install the new replacement window frame. Once the frame is installed, put the sashes back in and check to make sure the margins are even and that the window operates smoothly.

3. Better Ventilation for Your Home with Top and Bottom Sashes to Improve Energy Efficiency

One of the great benefits of using double-hung windows in your home is that they allow for better ventilation. This is because you can open the top portions of windows to allow hot air to escape. If you open the bottom sash on some windows and the top sash of adjacent windows, this will help create an air current to ventilate your home and keep it cool during warmer weather to reduce energy costs by not using the AC as much.

4. Modern Tilting Designs Make It Easier to Clean and Maintain New Double-Hung Windows

If you have windows that seem to always be difficult to clean because the windows are located high outside and only partially open, double-hung windows are a good solution. The double-hung replacement windows have a tilting design that makes it easier to clean the windows and do maintenance or repairs to the openings when needed.

These are some of the reasons why you will want to use double-hung replacement windows to update your home. If you are ready to renovate your home with new windows and doors, contact a double-hung window service to get the right windows for the standard openings in your home.