Improving Your Home's Insulation? Remember Your Windows

23 January 2019
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Does your home feel a bit cold during those winter months? This may cause you to look into improving your home's insulation to keep the warm air inside. While you can add more to the walls or attic of your home, you should not forget about the effect that your windows have on your home's comfort. Here are some tips to prevent cold air from getting in through the windows.

Apply Some Spray Foam

Air tends to get through small gaps in a window frame. The best thing you can do to stop the cold air from getting into your home is to fill those gaps with spray foam. Your local home improvement store sells this insulation in a aerosol can with a tube sticking out of it, and you can get the foam right into the gaps. The foam will harden once it is out of the can, and do an effective job at blocking the cold air. When using spray foam, be careful not to get any in the window frame's tracks. The foam will dry very fast, and you could cause a problem where you cannot open the window anymore.

Apply A Plastic Film

If the drafts coming in through a window are really bad, you can put up an additional barrier around the window with a plastic film. It is applied directly to the window frame, so it does make the window inaccessible. However, it is quite effective at keeping the cold air outside where it belongs. It may not look pretty when it is up, but you can always take it down when the winter weather has passed.

The installation process for the film is as simple as placing the film over the window frame, cutting it to size, and securing it with tape. It's a simple job that any homeowner can do on their own.

Upgrade To New Windows

When your windows are really out of shape, it may be time to get new replacement windows installed. Reach out to a local window contractor to have them perform an estimate. They'll measure all of the windows in your home, make some recommendations about what they think you should get, and perform the installation for you. You can also make some upgrades at the time to improve your insulation, such as installing double pane glass that provides some more separation from the air outside. You can also get a window frame material that will be a better insulator