Is It Time For Replacement Windows?

24 September 2018
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As a homeowner, there are many aspects of your home that require replacement when they've exceeded their lifespan, such as your windows. Don't ignore the following signs that you need to take the old windows out and replace them with new ones.

Condensation Build Up

It is not normal for frost or condensation to build up on a window on the interior side. If you have noticed this happening, reach out to a local window contractor for assistant getting window replacement. The issue is that the water will melt and drip all over the window frame, which will cause the wood to rot. This leads to the window seal becoming damaged as well, which ruins the insulation of your home.

Temperature Transfer

When the windows in your home are working properly, the glass on the inside of the window should not match the temperature of the glass on the outside. This is easy to tell by simply placing your hand directly on the glass window pane and feeling it yourself. If it feels like it is the room temperature inside your home, then it is working as intended. If the glass temperature matches the hot sun outside or the cold single digit weather outside, then your windows have a big problem.

Much like with condensation buildup, temperature transfer through the glass will lead to higher than normal energy bills, especially when every window in your home is affected. Replacing the old windows with new ones will help improve your home's energy efficiency.

Frame Cracking

Another major sign that you need window replacement is when the frame surrounding your old window is starting to crack. While cracks won't cause problems with energy efficiency at first, it is an indication that the crack will continue to grow until it causes a bigger problem down the road. This then will cause drafts in the frame that cause the air from outside to get in.

Outside Noise

Have you noticed that you are starting to hear the traffic outside much louder than you once did? It's a clear sign that your old window is failing. You can have new windows installed that do a better job of cutting down on the sounds that transfer into your home, making it more quiet overall.

Slipping Sashes

Does your window sash no longer stay in the open position, causing it to gradually fall down and require an object to prop the window open? This is not normal window behavior, since the window would have worked properly when it was installed. Replacing the window will help the window operate reliably.