Tint Your Car's Windows To Feel Better About Protecting Your Possessions

19 August 2018
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Whether you own a vehicle that is a few years old or close to a decade, you may be determined to maximize safety and security. Installing an alarm system is something that may have made you feel more comfortable with parking the car in public spaces. But, you should consider making a different kind of improvement to your car that will add to security with tinting all the windows.

Stereo Receiver

When you have the front windows, back windows, and back windshield tinted, you should feel confident about minimizing vision where your stereo receiver is located. You will benefit from making it difficult for anyone to see inside the vehicle. Tinting the windows is an excellent anti-theft measure that will keep your windows from being broken in as well as your valuable stereo receiver from being stolen.

Portable GPS

If your vehicle does not have a built-in GPS system, you may like to take along a portable GPS system that gives you directions and peace of mind while driving. When combined with the light that comes from the stereo receiver, the area may be easy to see while your car is running.

To protect your GPS system, you may remove it and put it in the glovebox before leaving the car. But, you will appreciate not having to put the GPS away every time you get out of the vehicle.


While you may be focused on protecting the items in your car, you do not want to forget about your car's windows. If you always lock the doors, the only way for someone to get in is by breaking a window.

A replacement side window can cost anywhere from $100 to $350, and a windshield can cost even more to replace. Since vehicle owners pay around $125 to $300 for window tinting, you will likely save more money by installing tint compared to replacing a broken window after a thief breaks into your vehicle.

Sound System

Another part of your car that you may be interested in protecting is the sound system. If you have aftermarket speakers, subwoofers, or amplifiers, these parts may be visible to other drivers. Going with dark tint in the back windshield and rear windows is a smart way to hide an amplifier and subwoofers.

By investing in auto window tinting, you can make a noticeable difference in how your vehicle looks and give peace of mind to your family by protecting your valuables.