Guttering And Windows: A Connection That Every Homeowner Should Know

13 July 2018
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Every homeowner probably already knows that their home's guttering system provides some real benefits for their house, including helping to move water away from the foundation and helping to prevent erosion. But the number of homeowners who understand some lesser known benefits of having a functional guttering system is likely fewer.  

For instance, most homeowners may not realize that the guttering on their home actually benefits the windows of the home, as well. If you are one of the many homeowners who are now wondering how their windows could possibly benefit by having correctly designed, well-installed gutters, the following information just might take your gutter appreciation to a whole new level. 

Rusted, stained window screens

If you have ever wondered why the window screens on some homes stay new looking for years while others quickly develop streaks and a rusty appearance, the answer probably lies in the guttering. Homes that do not have guttering installed or those on which the guttering system is clogged, split, or plagued by leaks can do little to protect the windows from rainwater and snowmelt. 

When no guttering system is in place, rainwater and melting snow cascades down from the roof of the home, flowing down any window in its path. Over time, this volume of water can help remove protective coatings and allow the window screen to become discolored or corroded. This is a common problem when the windows are older, and the screens are made from metal, instead of plastic. 

Homes that have properly working gutter systems are able to avoid this problem because the water is channeled away safely through the guttering and downspouts. Little excess water comes into contact with the window or window screens, helping to keep them looking their best.

Rotted, decaying window sills

This type of excess water is also detrimental to window sills and the flower boxes that are sometimes installed on them. Wooden window sills and flower boxes that are exposed over and over to large amounts of rainfall or melting snow can quickly become waterlogged. If any crevices or cracks are present, or the surfaces are not protected with paint, varnish, or a protective wood sealant, wood rot will quickly develop. In addition to being unattractive, rotting wood on window sills and window boxes can invite insect damage or cause a water infiltration issue to form. 

Homeowners who want to ensure that their windows will not be damaged by exposure to water because of inferior or missing guttering systems should contact a reputable guttering service in their area immediately to learn more about their options.