Adding Exterior Shutters To Your Home

1 May 2018
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Curb appeal matters when it comes to the beauty and value of your home. Adding shutters to the exterior of your home can be a great way to enhance the architectural design of your residence in order to make the property more appealing.

Choosing the right shutters is critical if you want your investment to pay off. Keep the following tips in mind to help ensure you invest in the right exterior shutters for your residential property in the future.

1. Make sure your home is a suitable candidate for shutters.

In order for exterior shutters to improve the appearance of your home's exterior, your residence needs to be a good candidate for shutter installation. Examine the architecture of your home's exterior.

If you have multiple window groupings or windows that are located in close proximity to one another, then shutters can make your home's exterior look cluttered. Shutters also work better with cottage, farmhouse, or coastal homes.

Once you have determined that shutters will add to the value of your home, you can begin selecting the actual shutter product that will enhance your home's design.

2. Pick the color of your shutters carefully.

Modern exterior shutters come in a variety of colors. It's important that you take your time when selecting a shutter color if you want to experience the best results. Take the color of your existing brick or siding into consideration.

Factor in the color of your front door and your garage door(s). Any colors that play a prominent role in your landscape should also be taken into consideration when selecting a shutter color. You will want your shutters to complement your home's existing color palette, so choose a color that will not detract from the color palette of your home's exterior.

3. Invest in functional hardware.

Even though modern exterior shutters are more decorative than functional, you should still ensure that your shutters are installed using functional hardware. This type of hardware gives your shutters an authenticity that adds to the beauty of your home.

Operational shutters not only look better once they have been installed, they allow you to easily care for your home's exterior by giving you the ability to swing each shutter out of the way when painting or cleaning the outside of your home.

If you are thinking of adding shutters to your home's exterior, use these tips to ensure you end up with quality shutters that increase the curb appeal of your home.