The Benefits of Window Blinds for New Homeowners

23 January 2017
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When you buy a new house, there are so many details to consider. One of the things that's often overlooked until the last minute is the window treatments. Before you go out and invest in new curtains and curtain rods, you may want to think about the benefit of investing in blinds instead. Here are a few reasons why blinds are a great option for your windows.

It's Easier to Regulate the Light Flow 

When you're using curtains, it's hard to control how much light is coming into the room. You can't easily adjust curtains to alter the level of the light. Curtains diffuse the light instead, which is great for softening the incoming light, but isn't very good for flexibility of the light control. When you opt for blinds, you can control how far open they are with even minimal adjustments. You can even tilt them so that they direct the light up toward the ceiling in the room, cascading light back across the entire space more effectively.

You Get More Privacy

Although you can invest in blackout curtains to give you privacy in your home, those won't permit light into your home at the same time. If you invest in blinds, you can turn them so that they prevent any visibility into your home without sacrificing the light that you want to enjoy. When adjusted properly, you can still see out, which lets you monitor what's going on outside your home without risking your own privacy.

You Have More Options

Window blinds don't have to be bland and boring. If you have visions of the old single slat styles, you'll be surprised at the customization possible in the newest options. From the different colors available to the materials like bamboo or mahogany, you can create most any look for your blinds. If you want something truly custom, you could even opt for a personally designed and handmade option, though it would likely be more expensive.

They Offer Insulating Benefits

Compared to sheer curtains and similar materials, blinds can offer some insulating benefit against the outside temperatures. They form a fairly thick barrier between the glass and your home, making it easier for you to keep the temperature inside more consistent. Some models even have added insulating material on the window-facing side of the blinds to help you minimize the temperature fluctuations.

Talk with a local window treatment professional for more information about what choices are best for your home's windows.