4 Ways To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your House

28 November 2016
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You love your house, and you want others to see is for its beauty. Or perhaps you're thinking of selling your home soon. Whatever the reason, it's time to spruce up the exterior for curb appeal. An attractive façade and landscaping make a good impression on passersby, visitors, and potential home buyers. Invite people inside your home with updated curb appeal.

Attend to the Siding

The exterior walls take up a lot of visual space, so your siding is an essential aspect of curb appeal. If the siding is just dirty, give it a good power washing. Any cracked or broken panels need to be replaced. If you see widespread breakage or warping, though, you'll have to replace all the siding.

Fix the Roof

Your roof also takes up a lot of the house's façade. The same procedures apply to your shingles as to your siding. So, washing is a good start—clear out the gutters while you're at it. From there, replace any broken shingles. If the overall look is faded and worn, it's time for a new roof. When choosing a material, consider both budget and beauty. Asphalt shingles are a budget option, but historical homes look better with traditional materials. You can always choose faux slate or cement constructed to resemble tile to keep costs down.

Replace the Doors

The garage door is another big part of the façade, while the front door is the literal gateway inside your home. Both make a big impression on visitors and potential buyers. Simply painting the doors might be sufficient. However, replacing both gives you the chance to create symmetry in the house's exterior. Choose doors that not only match each other but also blend well with the exterior. The same rule applies as with roofing – make sure your door choices reflect the overall style of your home. For example, even if modern garage and front doors match each other, they could look out of place for a traditional or farm style house. For assistance, talk to a professional like Fischer Window and Door Store.

Upgrade the Landscaping

Your landscaping should be as welcoming as the front door. Update your yard for curb appeal. For a welcoming effect, add border plants to your walkway. Flowers are classic, but even simple groundcover plants feel homey. Additionally, consider planting a foundation flower bed. This is a strip of gardening right against the foundation of your house. Flowers are beautiful here, too, but box hedges are also common. Finally, add landscape lighting to make your yard beautiful at night as well.