Why You Should Consider Fiber Cement Siding

9 May 2016
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Most people think of vinyl or aluminum when it comes to exterior residential siding. However, there are more options out there. One very practical, affordable and energy efficient option is fiber cement. This siding is not only durable and stylish, it also looks very different from vinyl or aluminum siding, so you can definitely make your property look more unique with fiber cement. This article explains more about the various attributes of fiber cement.

What is Fiber Cement?

Fiber cement siding is basically a concrete aggregate. It is made out of concrete powder and epoxies that enable it to look like concrete without weighing as much. Because it is lightweight, it is generally affordable and easier to install. This also means that you can find fiber cement siding in both plank and shingle design. Fiber cement planks look more like traditional vinyl panel siding, while the shingles look more like wooden siding. Of course, the texture and sheen of fiber cement is far more subdued than the other options.

Fiber Cement Siding Styles

Fiber cement products are made in a variety of different styles. You can find pre-dyed products. You can also buy them in natural stone colors. Many people prefer the kits that include various tones and colors. This way, when you randomly install them on your walls, you can create a dynamic, mosaic look. This looks especially great if you choose shingle style siding.

Fiber Cement is Easy to Paint

No matter what color you choose, one of the biggest perks of choosing fiber cement siding is the fact that it is easier to paint than aluminum or vinyl. You can paint fiber cement with brushes, rollers or a pneumatic spraygun. Basically, it is similar to painting stucco exterior walls.

Fiber Cement is Easy to Install

You should also be aware of the fact that fiber cement siding has a modular design that makes installation simple. The pieces are made to interlock without any fasteners. This ultimately means that most homeowners, regardless of their construction experience, can probably handle the installation on their own. This keeps down the cost of the project and makes it very attractive to many homeowners.

As you can see, fiber cement siding is a great product for residential properties. It can be great for homeowners of all styles and budgets. Best of all, it is cheap to own and maintain in the long run. Talk to a company like Cornerstone Home Improvement for more information on siding options.