How To Apply Weatherstripping

4 December 2015
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There are many ways to increased energy efficiency of your windows. One of the simplest and cheapest ways to make your windows more airtight is to install new weatherstripping. Weatherstripping will not work very well if it is not properly applied. This article explains how to prepare your window sashes for the application of new stripping and how to best apply it.

Getting the Right Type of Stripping

Most effective, and easiest product to apply is adhesive backed felt weatherstripping. This is sold in long rolls, kind of like normal tape. It can be easily cut to size with normal scissors or a razor blade.

Cleaning the Sash and Frame

Before you apply the weatherstripping, you need to thoroughly clean the sash and the inside of the frame where the sash hits. Of course, if your sash is already lined with stripping, you will need to scrape it away. Don't use a sharp paints scraper that will scratch your window and remove the paint. You will have more luck if you use a fuller putty knife or even a large flathead screwdriver. To aid in removing the adhesive, you can use some city's degreaser. Don't use heavy duty degreaser that will stain the window paint. After the adhesive is removed, you should finish the cleaning with a surface cleaner.

Making Precise Cuts

Applying adhesive-backed weatherstripping is easy if you cut it correctly and always make precise cuts. Don't cut the stripping before applying it. Instead apply the stripping as your are peeling away the backing. It is important to cut the stripping at every corner. This way you don't need to measure it before hand. With a razor blade you can make a precise comfy in the corner. Don't try to bend it into the corner. The adhesive will likely pull away after usage no matter how hard you push it down into the corner.

Even after you stripping is installed, you will need to clean it. Make sure the inner edge is always clean. If dust accumulates a long the felt, it can get wet and become gunky. Then, you're window might not close well. To avoid this problem, frequently wipe along the stripping with a wet rag. The best part about this simple window upgrade is that it will probably only cost less than $20. However, it might significantly reduce air leakage on movable fixtures and help you run a more efficient home.

For assistance with window installation, contact a professional.