Three Reasons To Add A Garden Window Today

16 November 2015
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When you add a garden window to your home, you add light, greenery and oxygen to your space. And when you take advantage of your garden window to plant good smelling herbs such as lemon balm or lavender, you reap the dual benefits of comforting aromas paired with the opportunity to create savory dishes. In just an hour or two, your local window installation technician can transform any exterior wall in your home into a soothing portal of sunshine and greenery. If you've been debating the addition of this type of window, you can set your mind at ease—the benefits are many:

Today's Garden Windows Are Energy Efficient

If you're worried that adding a garden window or replacing an existing window with this version will impact your energy bill in a negative way, you can put those fears to rest. Today's garden windows are every bit as efficient as other window styles on the market as long as you shop wisely. Look for windows that feature low-e glass construction. Low-e glass allows heat and light to pass through while still blocking harmful UV and IR rays from the sun. It reduces the risk of condensation because the glass in a low-e rated window remains at a more constant temperature than glass that's not been coated. Low-e glass helps to keep your home warmer in the winter and cool in summer—saving you money on your monthly utilities. 

Garden Windows Serve Multiple Purposes

You can use your garden window to plant a medicinal garden of healing herbs, to display your most precious collectibles, or just to increase the amount of sunlight that enters a room. With its 3-D outcropping, a garden window can act as a sort of mini greenhouse when you want to get an early start on your summer garden by starting seeds indoors. And if you have pets, such as cats, your new garden window is sure to become their favorite place to lounge. 

Garden Windows Add Value to Your Home

Any time you replace old, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient versions, you add monetary value to your home. A professionally installed and attractive garden window makes a sound investment if you're planning to sell your home in the near future.

As a homeowner, the addition of a garden window benefits you in more ways than one. Talk with your local window installation technician today about all the possibilities inherent in this type of window, or visit sites like