How To Design An Elegant Entryway To Your Home

17 August 2015
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First impressions definitely count. When you enter your home, it's just a lovely feeling to be home, especially when you walk into an orderly place. And, when friends or relatives come to visit, they feel the mood of your home by the way you have decorated it. If you want your entryway to be an elegant one, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something classy and unique.

The Front Door - Consider selecting a very unique front door.

  • Think about using contrasting shapes to add interest. One example of this is having a curved brick entry way over a rectangular door. 
  • Consider bold colors for your door. Some to consider are turquoise, terra cotta red, or black
  • If your home is large, consider large French doors that have ornate carvings on both sides of the door.
  • The hardware you select will play an important part in the elegance you are wanting. Glass doorknobs or brass ones with intricate designs in them are two ideas. Consider making your doorbell hardware pretty, too, including the way it rings.

The Decor - The pieces you select will show your personality.

  • Consider using the same style of furniture that is in your living room and dining room, as this will tie the rooms together visually.
  • Think about having an entry table with elegant chairs on either side of it. Not only will this be pretty, but it will be a place to spend time with a visitor who just wants to chat for a short while. 
  • An ornate mirror on one wall with sconces that will give soft lighting would be a lovely touch.
  • As you select artwork for the opposite wall, consider selecting scenes from places you love. For example, if your family loves going to the beach, a water color depicting the ocean with sailboats in it would be appropriate.

The Windows - Besides adding lighting to the entryway, the windows you select will help set the elegant tone you want.

  • If you already have windows in place, but they are old ones, think about replacing them with modern windows. The technology used in making the windows will make the windows last for a very long time.
  • Think about selecting Tiffany windows for the sides of your front door. Besides letting filtered light into the house, the colors the colored glass brings in will be amazing. Even this type of window can be made energy efficient. 
  • Modern windows may be more expensive, but the money you save because of their efficiency will pay off in the long run.
  • If you need help in selecting the right window treatment for your entryway, the professionals at your window store will be happy to give you ideas.

Don't forget finishing touches like lamps, beautiful plants, and framed pictures for the entryway, as these will just add more elegance to the space.