Modernize An Older Home With Vinyl Windows

7 August 2015
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Older neighborhoods have a special street appeal beyond comparison with modern tract homes. These charming older residences, however, have windows that do not properly insulate the house. It costs a small fortune to heat them during the winter months when you must have protection from freezing temperatures. Actually, vinyl windows are the perfect solution for several reasons:

  • Attractiveness - Vinyl windows mimic a variety of finishes, including the wood-grained appearance of traditional windows. Additional choices include colors that complement the exterior walls, shutters, or awnings. Unlike wood that will show any chips or scratches, vinyl windows have tint added early during the manufacturing process, so the coloring is identical on the interior and exterior of each piece.

  • Insulating Qualities - Wood windows react to cold weather by contracting, and this allows even more freezing air to enter your home. As a result, your furnace must work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature. Vinyl windows keep the same snug fit year-round so cold air stays outside.

  • Multiple Window Styles - Vinyl windows are available in several styles to match your current decor, or if you prefer, to upgrade to a newer one. Styles include casement, single-hung, double-hung, louvered, sliding, and awning windows. Awning windows are a nice upgrade for the basement since you don't have to close them unless there's a torrential downpour.

  • Tinting - Some people prefer tinted windows for additional privacy. Moreover, it reduces them amount of glare and UV rays that penetrate a room. As a result, tinted windows can protect your expensive upholstery and rugs from fading. This option is available on all vinyl window styles.

  • Maintenance - What maintenance? Vinyl windows can last for decades. Manufacturers provide warranties against color fading and wear. Even if you have trees near the house that drop sap and dirt, the vinyl will wipe clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent. You never have to sand and paint them as you do with wood windows.

  • Affordability - Vinyl windows are generally less expensive than thermal aluminum or wood. Thermal aluminum and wood have ongoing yearly maintenance costs to protect them from rot or corrosion. This expense builds up over the years, especially if your home has many windows. So, not only is your initial purchase price usually lower, but maintenance costs are near zero.

Some homeowners prefer to do the physical installation themselves while others are quite happy to leave that work to the professionals. Whichever route you take, please do not do the measuring yourself. It must be precise for a snug fit. Additionally, if you measure incorrectly and order the wrong size windows, you cannot return them. They are a special order that was made according to your specifications. Vinyl window installers are well-trained on the product and your best choice for perfectly fitting windows.

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