Should You Replace Your Windows With An Innovative Choice?

16 July 2015
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If you have determined that it's time for house window replacement at your primary or secondary home, then you're likely aware of the numerous choices. The abundance of styles of house windows makes it easy for anyone, regardless of taste, to create any look that they desire. You may have considered opting for some of the innovative new windows that are available, and if you're not sure exactly what's available, here is an overview of the latest innovations in windows:

Smart windows

If you're looking for energy efficient windows to help lower your costs, then you should consider smart windows. By simply pressing a button, you have the ability to block out heat-promoting and potentially damaging UV rays. This enables you to prevent the decor and furniture in your home from becoming faded due to the sun. The technology behind smart windows is electrochromics, which responds to heat. Whenever sunlight attempts to shine through, the windows will dim, and when it is overcast or rainy, then the windows have the ability to lighten again.

Smart windows do have some negative aspects, as well. Smart windows are expensive and can exceed many homeowners' budgets. Depending on the size, one smart window can cost as much as $1,000.

Low-E windows

Low-E, or low-emissive, glass is a special type of glass that can increase comfort while reducing energy costs. Treated with a metallic oxide coating, Low-E glass can reflect heat, while simultaneously allowing light to pass through. Low-E windows reduce energy usage by preventing UV rays from entering your home during the warmer months of the year. Alternately, in the winter, these windows can lower energy costs by minimizing the amount of heat that is lost. The initial cost might be more expensive than traditional windows, but as soon as you notice lower energy costs, you might realize what a good investment you've made.


This is another innovative type of windows that you might consider to replace your current windows. Super-windows typically consist of triple-paned glass, one or more Low-E layers, an insulated fiberglass frame, and low-thermal-conductivity spacers that are strategically-placed between glass. This combination enables these windows to out-perform many other energy-efficient windows, and each manufacturer creates super-windows in a different manner. Costs can vary, but triple-paned windows are significantly more expensive than double-paned choices.

As advancements in glass and windows continue to be created, you might find that prices of innovative windows will eventually decrease. Therefore, you might prefer to wait until technologically-advanced windows are lower in cost to try them out if you're currently feeling hesitant. Contact a professional window company, like R & K Windows, to discuss your energy-efficient window options.