4 Unique And Creative Ways To Put Your Old Windows To Good Use

29 June 2015
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If you love to reuse and recycle things, especially for do-it-yourself projects, then you need to consider giving your old windows a second life after you've had new ones installed throughout the house. Here are just a few unique ideas of how to repurpose your recently uninstalled windows:

1. Cork Board

If you need somewhere to post messages to family members, reminders of doctor appointments or even really cute pictures, you may want to consider turning your old window into a cork board. You'll need lots of corks. First, paint the window frame the color of your choice to match the décor in the room where you plan to use the cork board. Next, you need to secure the corks in place. You can use hot glue to do this, but it probably won't hold forever. Instead, liquid nails could be used as a long-term option.

2. Jewelry Organizer

If you have more jewelry than storage space, then you may be able to use your old window to create an organizer for all of your jewelry. This can be done with an exterior window or even a kitchen cabinet window. All you need to do is remove the glass panels and install chicken wire. The chicken wire can be stapled to the back of the window frame. You can then use the front to dangle your earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You can even use it for scarfs, headbands and sunglasses.

3. Serving Tray

If you've always wanted to serve breakfast in bed to your honey or serve tea and crackers to your guests on a tray, you can use your old window to create a serving tray. You can paint the window frame any color that you would like and then use paint to create a unique pattern on the glass, such as chevron or zebra print. You'll need to get a couple pieces of hardware, such as drawer or cabinet pull handles, so that you can carry the tray with ease.

4. Stained Glass Art

If you need a piece of art to add to your porch to make it more inviting and creative, an old window with a little bit of paint can do wonders. You can either take out the glass panels of the old window to replace with scrap pieces of stained glass or you can opt to create the stained glass yourself. You'll want to choose your favorite colors of glass stains or glass paints. Feel free to choose as many as you would like to make this project full of personality. Paint the panels individually or opt to create patterns or images with self-adhesive stencils.

If you've been putting your new window installation off for a while because you weren't sure what you would do with the old windows, you can now schedule that installation with a company like Mister Window Inc. You have several ideas at your disposal to repurpose your old windows and can come up with more with a little bit of imagination.