Two Tips For Getting The Most From Your Window Treatments

24 June 2015
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Decorating your home's windows with a window treatment is an important task for ensuring your home's interior looks great and that you are able to effectively control the amount of light entering the building. Unfortunately, many people are not familiar with installing these window accessories, and this may lead them to make some mistakes when it comes to choosing and installing these devices. By following these two tips, you will be in a much better position to make decisions that allow you to get the most from this upgrade. 

Choose Energy Efficient Drapes

When selecting a style of drapes, many people will only focus on appearance. While this is certainly one of the most important aspects of these curtains, it is important for you to know that there are energy efficient options available. Traditional curtains are often made of a thick fabric that will absorb much of the energy of the sun, and they will radiant this heat on the interior of your home. This problem is made much worse when you opt for dark-colored curtains because they will absorb more heat than lighter colored drapes.

In contrast, energy efficient drapes are made of synthetic fabrics that reflect much of the energy from the sun. Also, they are heat resistant which will further reduce the amount of heat that they can absorb. While this style of drape is more expensive than traditional ones, the energy savings may help to offset this higher initial expense.

Opt For A Motorized Window Treatment

There are many individuals that may find it extremely difficult to open and close their window treatments. Whether this is due to a debilitating injury or illness, it can present a major issue for the homeowner. Luckily, motorized window treatments can minimize any problems these people may experience because these systems are operated by a remote control or smartphone application.

While these systems can be the perfect option for those with mobility issues, they require more intensive maintenance to keep them functioning. In particular, they will need to be serviced at least once a year to ensure their mechanical parts are in good condition. Fortunately, there are contractors you can hire to perform this routine work as quickly and affordably as possible.

When you are installing a window treatment, it is important for you to understand the benefits of using energy efficient fabrics and choosing a motorized system. This knowledge will help to ensure that you get the most from your investment in window treatments. Fore more information, contact a professional like Snyders Shades & Shutters.