Answering A Few Of The Most Common Questions About Insulated Vinyl Siding

24 June 2015
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Vinyl siding is easily one of the most popular siding choices for homeowners but does not come without its downfalls. If you are looking for an exterior cladding material that is a bit more resilient than traditional vinyl, but gives your home the same pleasing appeal, insulated vinyl siding is an awesome alternative. Even though insulated vinyl siding has been around since the 90s, a lot of homeowners are still a little unfamiliar with this siding choice. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning insulated vinyl siding.

What is the real difference between insulated vinyl siding and regular?

Traditional vinyl is made as a thin sheet of interlocking material that has no underlying backing. Some homeowners do choose to add insulated materials between the exterior frame of the home and the siding, however. Insulated vinyl, on the other hand, already has insulated material implemented onto the back.

Will insulated vinyl siding make your home more efficient?

Insulated vinyl siding is actually recognized by the EPA as a component that can make homes more energy efficient. This extra layer of protection will help to eliminate problems with heat gain in the summer and internal heat loss in the winter.

Does insulated vinyl siding have the same issues with sagging over time?

If you have ever dealt with dated vinyl siding, you know that it can start to sag and droop over time. This can give a less uniform appearance and even make it look like your home has structural issues. Insulated vinyl siding is a thicker material that will hold much more firmly in place over time. Therefore, you are much less likely to see the same kinds of issues.

Is insulated vinyl siding more difficult to install?

Part of the allure of vinyl siding is that it can be installed quickly, making it possible for an almost complete exterior transformation to be complete in a short amount of time. Insulated vinyl siding is the same when it comes to speedy installation, and pieces of vinyl are even cut longer, which means more area will be covered with each new piece that goes up.

When it comes down to it, insulated vinyl siding is a logical choice for the exterior of your home and will provide great benefits over traditional materials. If you believe that you would like to make a change with insulated siding, talk to a vinyl siding contractor about any further questions you may have. Contact a siding installation contractor to get started.